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Shoppers Drug Mart providing 25,000 bonus PC Optimum factors with $75+ on-line buy

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Shoppers Drug Mart is providing 25,000 bonus PC Optimum factors once you make a web-based buy of not less than $75.

The factors work out to $25 in worth. This supply is offered till April 18th.

From really wi-fi headphones, video video games and even consoles to nutritional vitamins, moisturizers and make-up kits, these factors might be redeemed in direction of something from Shopper’s surprisingly in depth catalogue.

It’s additionally value noting that Shoppers is providing a single-use 20x level coupon till April 18th that will get you 20 instances the standard quantity of factors on something you purchase.

On a traditional day, you’ll earn 15 factors for each $1 spent. With the 20x coupon utilized, each $1 spent will web you 300 PC Optimum factors.

It’s value noting that it’s good to spend a minimal of $50 to be eligible for the 20x multiplier. Learn extra about these provides right here. Learn extra about PC Optimum factors right here.

Shopper’s Drug Mart’s 50,000 bonus factors supply for purchases above $150 lately expired on April fifteenth.

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