Apple Music on common pays artists twice as a lot as Spotify per stream

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As music apps change into more and more aggressive, Apple Music has shared how a lot it pays artists, plus a number of different key metrics associated to the platform.

This report follows Spotify’s new web site that shares how a lot the music streaming platform pays artists. The key metric Apple Music has launched to artists is that it on common pays $0.01 per stream, which is above Spotify’s half a penny per stream, based on The Verge. Further, 9to5Mac has posted the total letter, which you’ll learn right here.

Neither Spotify nor Apple Music has an ideal streaming metric. Both use a type of stream share tech that isn’t straightforward to calculate because it bases its payout on what number of streams got here from every geographical space after which pays out primarily based on that. That stated, Apple’s metric apparently pays extra, which I’m certain artists are fairly pleased with.

One key distinction between these two providers is that Apple Music solely has a paid tier and Spotify provides each paid and free subscriptions.

This implies that although Spotify has a bigger subscriber base, not all of these customers are paying the identical amount of cash to stream music on the platform.

Source: The Wallstreet Journal Via: The Verge

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