Google Trends reveals Canada’s prime home looking and mortgage searches

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Google Trends has launched information on what Canadians have been looking out relating to home looking and mortgages throughout the pandemic.

The information exhibits that searches for housing and mortgage-related inquiries have reached the best they’ve been in 5 years. Some of the searches embody ‘house for sale,’ ‘mortgage loans,’ ‘mortgage calculators’ and ‘mortgage rates.’

Google Trends exhibits that Canadians need to relocate to locations outdoors town, akin to cottages and are keen on shopping for properties in suburban or rural areas.

These are the highest areas looked for:

  • Cannington, ON
  • Orléans, ON
  • Clarington, ON
  • Surrey, BC
  • Port Moody, BC
  • Kawartha Lakes, ON
  • London, ON
  • Laval, QC
  • Abbotsford, BC
  • Langley, BC

Since the actual property business has seen demand from first-time residence consumers, the highest questions individuals are asking about mortgages previously 12 months are:

  • How a lot mortgage can I afford?
  • What is a mortgage?
  • What is a reverse mortgage?
  • What is a excessive ratio mortgage?
  • How to get pre-approved for a mortgage?
  • How to grow to be a mortgage dealer?
  • What is mortgage insurance coverage?
  • What is a second mortgage?
  • How does a mortgage work?

Source: Google

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