Rogers expands eligibility for inexpensive web program to extra residents

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Toronto-based nationwide provider Rogers is increasing eligibility for its ‘Connected for Success’ inexpensive web program.

The program gives web for $9.99 a month with obtain speeds of as much as 25Mbps and 5Mbps add to eligible residents in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

The program is now obtainable to residents receiving revenue assist by way of Ontario Works, the Ontario Disability Support Program and for senior Ontarians receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

It’s additionally now obtainable to residents in New Brunswick who qualify for revenue assist by way of the Social Assistance Program, Disability Support Program or by way of the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Newfoundlanders receiving revenue and incapacity advantages or are receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement are additionally now eligible for this system.

“This last year in particular has shown us the vital role that networks and connectivity play in all of our lives. At Rogers we want to help ensure that no Canadian is left behind in accessing affordable internet options,” mentioned Rogers CEO Joe Natale in a press launch.

Eligible prospects can apply by way of the Connected for Success web site and should present verification that they’re receiving authorities monetary help underneath a qualifying program.

The provider notes that 30,000 households are related by way of this system and that 750,000 households are eligible for this system.

Source: Rogers

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