Ottawa metropolis councillor requires metropolis to undertake Uber-like transit mannequin

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Ottawa City Councillor Carol Anne Meehan is pushing for the town to undertake a brand new on-demand transit mannequin that works much like Uber.

The metropolis’s transit system is constant to see low ridership because of the pandemic. The CBC studies that Meehan says the town is shedding round $1 million per week for operating buses which might be empty.

Data from OC Transpo reveals that transit ridership was about 18 p.c of regular ranges in January of this 12 months.

Meehan says Ottawa ought to comply with Belleville, Ontario in launching an on-demand transit service at night time. The metropolis grew to become the primary in North America to launch such a service.

Although Belleville has seen a drop in ridership amid the pandemic like different cities, it’s been in a position to function extra effectively with its on-demand service. Riders merely must schedule a trip utilizing an internet site and the software program will map the very best route to choose up and drop off riders.

Once the info has been processed and optimized, riders are despatched affirmation emails and the pickup info is distributed to bus drivers by means of a pill.

Ottawa’s director transit buyer techniques and planning, Pat Scrimgeour, informed the CBC in an announcement that “we are currently exploring on-demand transit products, services and availability.”

“This work is in a preliminary state and only exploratory at this stage and we have spoken with multiple vendors to gather information. At this time, no simulations are scheduled with any possible suppliers.”

Since Belleville has been in a position to efficiently launch the service, it’s no shock that councillors need to implement comparable measures in their very own cities.

Image credit score: OC Transpo

Source: CBC News

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