Microsoft will unveil new webcam at spring Surface occasion: report

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Microsoft will unveil its long-awaited new webcam at its Surface {hardware} occasion this spring, in line with a report from Petri.

Over the previous 10 years, the corporate has supplied a wide range of webcams by means of its LifeCam model, though these haven’t been modified a lot throughout this time.

That stated, Petri studies that the brand new webcam will sport a privateness cowl and HDR help. However, the outlet merely says that the brand new webcam is not going to embody 4K help, so it’s unclear precisely what decision it can characteristic.

Petri provides that the webcam can be revealed alongside the Surface Laptop 4. It’s unclear, nevertheless, whether or not Microsoft intends to make use of the Surface branding for the webcam or if it can go together with one other title completely.

Ultimately, although, it stays to be seen whether or not this hearsay pans out. Thurott — a sometimes dependable supply for Microsoft-related information — had beforehand reported that two Microsoft webcams would launch in 2019, though that by no means ended up taking place. Interestingly, one digital camera was reportedly designed particularly for Windows, whereas the opposite was meant for Xbox.

It’s additionally unclear precisely when Microsoft could intend to carry this spring {hardware} occasion.

Source: Petri

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