GMC to disclose electrical Hummer SUV in April

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After revealing the electrical Hummer truck final October, GM is on the brink of observe it up with the basic Hummer SUV variant.

When you consider the Hummer model you doubtless think about large yellow SUV that appears prefer it’s able to go to conflict on the seashore, not a truck like the prevailing Hummer electrical automobile (EV). This new model of the electrical automotive is about to appear to be a basic Hummer.

We’ll get our first full have a look at the Hummer through the NCAA basketball match extra generally referred to as March Madness. The Hummer reveal can be on April third close to the ultimate 4 spherical of the annual match.

It’s unclear if this SUV goes to be as high-end because the truck. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was, however it will additionally make sense for GM to launch a barely paired down model of the truck to push the SUV right into a barely lower cost bracket.

That mentioned, it’s nonetheless going to have the Ultium battery that ought to give it vary round 560km, identical to the Hummer truck. This will GM’s third EV reveal of the yr after the announcement of the 2 Chevy Bolt EVs in

Source: Roadshow

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