Tesla V3 Supercharger goes reside in West Kelowna, B.C.

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B.C. Tesla homeowners will quickly have extra locations to cost up their automobiles.

A brand new Tesla Supercharger station has opened in West Kelowna, B.C., whereas building started on one other in North Vancouver.

Tesla North reported on the brand new charging stations, citing Telsa Motors Club discussion board person ‘@MontrealTesla,’ who shared that the West Kelowna Supercharger was beginning to present up on some automotive maps.

The publication says that the West Kelowna Supercharger sports activities eight V3 stalls with charging speeds as much as 250kW. You can discover the charging station at 525 BC-97 Highway close to the Landmark Cinemas and Shoppers Drug Mart. Construction on the Supercharger started final November.

As for the North Vancouver station, discussion board person ‘tm3van’ reported that building began earlier this week. Located within the London Drugs retail retailer parking zone at 2032 Lonsdale Avenue, it seems to be just like the Supercharger station will even have eight stalls, doubtless with V3 charging speeds as nicely.

For these unfamiliar with Tesla’s V3 charging, the carmaker launched the usual again in 2019. Thanks to a mixture of upper 250kW charging output and in-car tech like On-Route Battery Warmup, V3 Superchargers can obtain considerably sooner charging speeds.

Shortly after detailing the V3 Superchargers, Tesla announced a large Supercharger enlargement in Canada that might roll out V3 chargers to 23 stations.

It’s nice to see Tesla nonetheless constructing out charging infrastructure. Hopefully the hassle continues — having extra Superchargers out there will go a protracted technique to making Tesla automobiles extra viable all through the nation.

Source: Tesla North

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