Twitter is reportedly engaged on an ‘Undo Send’ timer for tweets

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While we nonetheless don’t have the power to edit a tweet, it looks as if Twitter is engaged on a characteristic that would assist those that’ve noticed a typo after hitting that tweet button.

Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), who’s well-known for sharing upcoming social media platform options, has shared a GIF of an “Undo Send” timer for tweets.

This may be the closest factor we’ll get to an edit possibility for Twitter. Unfortunately, this gained’t work if you happen to spot a typo 5 minutes after sending out the tweet.

Twitter appears reluctant so as to add an precise edit possibility. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, in a Q&A with Wired says that one of many causes they don’t need to add an edit button is the problems it will possibly trigger with retweets. If edits are allowed a person can retweet a put up, that the writer might then edit to say one thing utterly totally different. Dorsey did point out that quick edits are much less problematic, however would require the platform to delay posting tweets, which might be problematic within the occasion of breaking information.

However, evidently the corporate is definitely engaged on the latter, though it’s unclear when this characteristic will probably be accessible for customers.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) 

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