Loblaws rolls out PC Health digital healthcare app to extra provinces

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Loblaws has rolled out its PC Health digital healthcare app in Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The app is now accessible throughout Canada in English and French, excluding Quebec. It initially launched in Atlantic Canada in October 2020 after which rolled out to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta a month later.

The app is designed to present Canadians handy entry to healthcare sources and help. You also can get well being or vitamin steering by means of dwell chats with a registered nurse or dietitian.

Loblaws notes that the app connects customers with “care navigators who are available to help guide users through the complex health care landscape to help find the support they are looking for, whether that means a healthcare provider such as a dentist or family doctor, or a nearby medical facility that’s open late.”

Users also can see their private well being objectives and work to fulfill them by means of day by day actions. You also can select packages tailor-made to your wants and pursuits, similar to maternal, household well being, or weight loss program packages. There can be help for psychological well being or nervousness administration.

Loblaws notes that customers even have the chance to earn PC Optimum factors by finishing day by day objectives and actions.

The app additionally features a market that helps customers discover merchandise that may assist them handle their well being and wellbeing. Users also can earn PC Optimum factors on choose merchandise bought by means of the app.

The PC Health app might be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Source: Loblaws 

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