YouTube Music redesign rolling out to some iOS customers

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Google is lastly launching its up to date ‘Now Playing’ design on iOS.

Way again in the summertime, the tech large refreshed YouTube Music’s look on Android to carry it just a little extra in step with the opposite main streaming companies.

The largest adjustments come to the Now Playing display. The album artwork is now shrunk down, so it doesn’t take up the total display and the ‘Thumbs up’ and ‘Thumbs down’ icons are raised on the web page.

Whenever you faucet on the album artwork within the new replace, you get entry to choices like the flexibility to obtain, share, begin radio and different instruments which are usually hidden behind the three-dot menu.

There are additionally now tabs on the underside of the display to get fast entry to your ‘Up next’ queue, lyrics for some songs, and associated tracks.

I’ve up to date to the newest model of the app, and I nonetheless don’t have the redesigned ‘Now Playing’ part on my iPhone. 9to5Google says that this can be a server-side rollout, so hopefully, the replace makes it to extra customers shortly.

Source: 9to5Google

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