Nintendo reportedly plans to launch new Switch with bigger Samsung OLED show

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It appears there is likely to be at the least some degree of fact to the rumours that Nintendo is engaged on a brand new model of the Switch.

According to a latest report from Bloomberg, Nintendo plans to launch a brand new model of the Switch with a bigger show in time for the 2021 vacation season.

This time across the 7-inch, 720p show will probably be OLED and manufactured by Samsung Display. Bloomberg says that the shows are set to ship to the businesses that assemble the Switch in July.

Making the bounce to OLED would give the Switch higher battery life and certain enhance the display screen’s distinction ratio. The present model of the Switch contains a 6.2-inch display screen, whereas the Switch Lite’s show measures in at 5.5-inches.

Further, whereas the present Switch’s LCD display screen is satisfactory, shifting to a Samsung panel would nearly definitely enhance its total image high quality given the South Korean firm’s prowess within the TV and smartphone show house.

It’s unclear if anything concerning the console will change past the bigger display screen. Though the Switch continues to promote effectively and not too long ago hit 79.87 million consoles offered as of February 1st, it faces stiff competitors from Microsoft’s newer Xbox Series X/S and Sony’s PlayStation 5.

This may very well be an effort on Nintendo’s half to construct pleasure surrounding the house console-portable hybrid system shifting into the vacation season.

However, Shuntaro Furukawa, the Japanese gaming big’s president, not too long ago acknowledged that Nintendo has no plans to announce a new model of the Switch “anytime soon.”

Last yr The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo was engaged on two Switch fashions, together with the Switch Lite, which was ultimately launched, and the Switch Pro. Though the corporate has repeatedly denied that an improved Switch is on the best way, rumours proceed to persist.

According to some rumours, this upgraded model of the Switch reportedly contains a extra highly effective processor, an improved design and a 4K show.

Source: Bloomberg

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