Apple quietly launches device to add iCloud images to Android

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Apple has quietly launched a device that makes it very easy for customers to transfers their images and movies to Google Photos.

This new device has been positioned on the Apple Data and Privacy web site below the subheading ‘Transfer a copy of your data.’

Once you open the device, you’ll see what number of images and movies are related along with your Apple account and a drop-down menu that permits you to copy them into Google Photos.

This course of takes a few days to finish, and it doesn’t switch ‘Live Photo’ information. That mentioned, this technique is now the best and simplest approach to switch images from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.

If you need to transfer images with the Live Photo video attachments, you’ll be able to add them straight through the Google Photos app in your iPhone or iPad.

You may also add your entire library this fashion as effectively, however it’s a much less automated course of.

Source: Apple 

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