Telus donating choose film rental prices for International Women’s Day

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Telus has introduced that it’ll donate the price of a curated assortment of film leases to Dress for Success Canada in honour of International Women’s Day (March eighth).

The not-for-profit group gives at-risk and underemployed ladies with profession improvement instruments to assist them thrive.

To help Dress for Success Canada, Telus has created the ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’ assortment containing 73 movies that includes iconic feminine figures, equivalent to HarrietLittle Women and RBG.

Films price between $5 and $7 to lease and Telus will donate as much as $10,000 from the proceeds from leases made between now and March 14th.

The full listing of Breaking the Glass Ceiling titles could be discovered on the house display screen of Telus’ Optik and Pik TV or accessed by channel 130.

Image credit score: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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