CBS All Access is now known as Paramount+ in Canada

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If you had been hoping Paramount+ can be making its solution to Canada, you’re about to be disenchanted and certain somewhat confused.

According to The Canadian Press, in Canada CBS All Access will likely be renamed Paramount+ as of Thursday, March 4th.

The publication says {that a} consultant for ViacomCBS acknowledged that whereas U.S. audiences will get entry to varied Paramount movies and TV collection on the platform from manufacturers like Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central and extra, that content material received’t make its solution to Canada.

North of the U.S. border, solely the title and platform’s emblem will change. That mentioned, The Canadian Press’ reporting additionally mentions that would change sooner or later and that “programming announcements are expected at an undetermined future date.”

In the U.S., Paramount+ can be set to get authentic collection based mostly on notable movies from the corporate, together with Flashdance, The Italian Job and Fatal Attraction. It stays unclear if these collection may even make their solution to the Canadian model of the service sooner or later.

Even main ViacomCBS TV exhibits like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard received’t be accessible on the service as they’re accessible on Bell Media’s Crave streaming platform.

CBS All Access is out there on iOS, Apple TV, Android, desktop and extra.

Image Credit: ViacomCBS

Source: The Canadian Press (The Toronto Star) 

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