PlayStation Store to cease providing film and TV leases and purchases in August

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Sony has introduced that it’ll discontinue PlayStation Store film and TV present leases and purchases on August thirty first.

In a quick weblog post, the comapny didn’t present a particular cause for the change, merely noting that it’s necessary to maintain “evolving our offerings as customer needs change.”

In explicit, the corporate says it’s seen “tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles,” suggesting that fewer folks have been utilizing the film and TV sequence buying function.

However, Sony notes that any film or TV content material that’s been bought earlier than August thirty first will stay accessible to customers.

It’s value noting that PlayStation house owners nonetheless have another, although, as the Apple TV app has been on PlayStation 4 and 5 since November. In addition to Apple TV+, the app consists of the power to buy and hire motion pictures and TV reveals, in addition to entry any content material that you just’ve already bought on different Apple units.

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