Microsoft job listings trace at 5G, higher digital camera in doable Surface Duo 2

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Microsoft seems to be engaged on a Surface Duo 2, and new job listings recommend the corporate’s subsequent cellphone will function 5G and a greater digital camera.

Spotted by Windows Latest, one job itemizing particularly mentions the Surface Duo, and notes within the ‘Responsibilities’ part that the job would require designing and coding radio frequency (RF) drivers. It additionally mentions LTE, 5G and cellular operator certification on “Surface Duo devices.”

Another job itemizing for a ‘Principal Android Camera System Architect/Engineer’ mentions “deliver[ing] great customer experiences on our future Surface products.” Given that the majority Surface units run Windows, not Android, this itemizing is probably going for the Duo.

Although it doesn’t come as a lot of a shock, it’s nice to see Microsoft specializing in issues like 5G and digital camera. The unique Surface Duo, which got here out within the U.S. final 12 months and just lately arrived in Canada, lacks each 5G and a stable digital camera. Reviewers have cited each as main flaws with the gadget, and it’s no shock Microsoft desires to repair these within the second iteration.

The Surface Duo 2 is probably going nonetheless a methods off, however these early particulars make it sound like Microsoft is heading in the right direction. If the corporate learns from the unique Surface Duo, I believe it’ll have an actual winner on its fingers. The first iteration was clearly a “first generation” however was nonetheless actually nice. With some tweaking, a Surface Duo successor may very well be a high contender within the productiveness house.

Source: Microsoft, (2) Via: Windows Latest, Neowin

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