Global smartphone shipments to develop by 50 % in Q1 2021: report

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Global smartphone shipments are anticipated to develop by 50 % in Q1 2021, largely as a consequence of iPhone 12 gross sales.

Digitimes Research’s newest report says the rise will even be led by Chinese manufacturers ramping up shipments hoping to extend market share amid Huawei’s ongoing woes.

The report estimates that 340 million smartphone models shall be shipped within the first quarter of 2021, and Apple iPhone shipments are anticipated to complete 60 million models.

“Apple is likely to be the top vendor for a six-month period that ends March 31, 2021, with total shipments of over 150 million units, up 38 percent from the same period of a year earlier,” Digitimes states.

Samsung is anticipated to rank second, with its shipments barely declining within the six-month interval. Xiaomi is anticipated to rank third with its shipments totalling 90 million models. The report estimates that Huawei will ship lower than 20 million smartphones within the quarter and rank sixth general.

“Global shipments of 5G-enabled phones are expected to reach over 600 million units in 2021 compared to 280 million units shipped a year earlier, Digitimes Research estimates,” the report notes.

Digitimes estimates that international smartphone shipments will see a 10-13 % enhance in 2021 for a complete of over 1.4 billion models shipped.

Source: Digitimes

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