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Fido web deal nets new subscribers 50 % off for a yr

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If you’re seeking to get a brand new web plan and also you’re snug with 150Mbps and 75Mbps speeds, then Fido has a reasonably scorching provide.

This deal solely applies to new Fido web subscribers, however it drops the value of the limitless 150Mbps obtain pace plan to $42.50 monthly for a yr. The 75Mbps possibility prices $37 monthly.

You solely get the reductions on these plans for a yr, however you’re not locked right into a contract and might freely go away if a greater deal comes alongside. It’s additionally value noting that Fido solely presents web to residents of Ontario.

Regularly, the 150Mbps plan prices $85 monthly, and the slower plan is $75.

To benefit from the plan, you’ll want to name Fido since you’ll be able to’t order this plan on-line. The quantity is 1-888-989-0872.

You can learn extra in regards to the deal on Fido’s web site.

Update 01/03/2021 5:27 PM ET: This article has been up to date to say that Fido solely presents web in Ontario.

Source: Fido 

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