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Crave promo presents three months of fifty % off all month-to-month plans

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Bell has kicked off a limited-time Crave promotion that provides 50 % off the entire streaming service’s month-to-month plans for 3 months.

The provide is offered till March thirty first, though solely service newcomers who subscribe instantly via Crave are eligible.

Here’s the breakdown of Crave’s three month-to-month plans, and the way a lot they’d value with the promotion:

  • Crave (consists of Crave originals, Showtime content material and extra) — $4.99/month (recurrently $9.99/month)
  • Crave with Movies + HBO (consists of every little thing from the bottom Crave service plus HBO content material, Hollywood films and extra) — $9.99/month (recurrently $19.98/month)
  • Crave with Movies + HBO and Starz (consists of every little thing from the bottom Crave service and Movies + HBO plus Starz originals and extra films) — $12.98/month (recurrently $25.97/month)

This promotion is well-timed with the long-awaited launch of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is premiering solely on Crave in Canada on March 18th.

Therefore, those that wish to watch the movie and had been planning on signing up for Crave with it might benefit from the 50 % off promotion.

Source: Crave

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