Here’s methods to watch the 2021 Golden Globe Awards in Canada

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The 2021 awards season is formally kicking off just about with the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards on February twenty eighth.

The award present will happen at 8pm ET in Beverly Hills. The ceremony will embrace in-person appearances and digital attendance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will likely be internet hosting the present just about from two separate places. Presenters embrace Margot Robbie, Kate Hudson, Kevin Bacon, Kristen Wiig and extra.

In Canada, Bell has as soon as once more secured unique broadcasting rights to the present. Therefore, these with cable TV can watch the ceremony dwell on Bell’s CTV community. Alternatively, you possibly can stream the ceremony by CTV on Android, iOS or the net.

If you don’t need to watch the precise present, you possibly can observe the official Golden Globes Twitter account to get a breakdown of the winners, because the account will tweet out winners in real-time.

CBC’s beloved Canadian comedy collection Schitt’s Creek has scored 5 nominations, together with one for Best Television Series — Musical or Comedy. Considering the present swept the Emmys final 12 months, it’ll possible see success on the Golden Globes as effectively.

In phrases of streaming companies, a number of platforms have garnered numerous nominations. Netflix has snagged 42 nominations, Amazon has obtained 10 and Apple picked up 4. Disney+ additionally managed to snag a single nomination.

Image credit score: CBC

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