Apple’s newest adoption numbers present 80 p.c of energetic iPhones run iOS 14

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Apple rolled out up to date iOS and iPadOS adoption numbers this week, displaying that the majority iPhone and iPad homeowners are working iOS 14.

The tech big measures adoption charges through the App Store. As per measurements taken on February twenty fourth, 86 p.c of iPhones launched within the final 4 years run iOS 14.

If you zoom out to all iPhones, 80 p.c use iOS 14, whereas 12 p.c run iOS 13. Eight p.c run an earlier model.

Those numbers are up from December fifteenth, 2020, the final time Apple up to date adoption numbers. MacRumors notes that iOS 14 was on 72 p.c of all energetic iPhones in December.

As for iPads, 84 p.c of gadgets launched within the final 4 years run iPadOS 14. Zooming out to all iPads, 70 p.c are on iPadOS 14, whereas 14 p.c run iPadOS 13 and 16 p.c run an earlier model.

Back in December, 61 p.c of all energetic iPads ran iPadOS 14.

Those can discover the complete particulars of iOS and iPadOS adoption numbers on Apple’s web site.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors

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