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Koodo providing as much as 6GB of bonus information on BYOP and Tab plans

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Telus flanker model Koodo is providing bonus information with a bunch of its plans.

Whether you wish to carry your individual cellphone (BYOP) or get a cellphone on the Tab with Koodo, you may get some additional information.

However, it’s price noting that due to current plan modifications, Koodo’s plans now not embrace Canada-wide calling. So, the plans listed under embrace province-wide calling — if you need Canada-wide, it’ll be an additional $5 per thirty days. Likewise, Koodo now costs extra for Tab plans, so if you wish to get a cellphone with one among these offers, the pricing is barely totally different.

Below are all the presents:


  • $45/6GB (usually $45/3GB)
  • $50/10GB (usually $50/5GB)
  • $55/13GB (usually $55/8GB)
  • $70/18GB (usually $70/12GB)


  • $45/5GB (usually $45/2GB)
  • $50/6GB (usually $50/3GB)
  • $55/10GB (usually $55/5GB)
  • $60/13GB (usually $60/8GB)
  • $75/18GB (usually $75/12GB)

On prime of that, these enthusiastic about getting a plan on the Tab can rise up to a $100 invoice credit score obtainable as $10 off for 10 months. You can be taught extra on Koodo’s web site.

Both Fido and Virgin Mobile are providing related information promotions on their plans. These offers come only a few days after the carriers ended their Lunar New Year offers.

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