Clubhouse on Android is a ‘top feature’ for firm

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Clubhouse has change into massively widespread on iOS over the previous couple of weeks, however the social media platform, sadly, isn’t accessible on Android.

However, throughout an interview this week, the corporate’s co-founder revealed Clubhouse’s Android app is at the moment the “top feature” in growth proper now.

This isn’t the primary we’ve heard of Clubhouse lastly making its approach to Android, with the corporate first revealing the information roughly a month in the past.

Now, throughout an interview with CNBC’s and The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson revealed that the app’s Android launch is necessary to the platform’s progress. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was additionally featured on this interview.

At its core, Clubhouse lets customers begin voice chatrooms that anybody can be part of. This permits a gaggle of mates to have a persistent place to log in and discuss with one another, and because the platform grows in recognition, it’s additionally been a manner for notable personalities to carry golf equipment and discuss with followers publicly. The platform is at the moment invite-only on iOS.

Hopefully, Android customers received’t have to attend for much longer for the fast-growing voice chat platform to make it to Google’s cellular working system.

The full interview is out there on YouTube.

Source: YouTube Via: Android Central 

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