Apple reveals new Apple Arcade sport ‘Farm It!,’ updates to 2 different titles

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Apple has revealed a brand new sport referred to as Farm It! that’s “coming soon” to its Apple Arcade service.

In the Tummy Games-developed title, gamers construct their final farm world by working the land, deciding on which seeds to plant and accumulating and loading crops. There may also be in-game characters and animals to work together with, in addition to sources that may be earned by mini-games.

Outside of Farm It!, Apple has detailed two updates for the next present Apple Arcade titles:

  • Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time — two new sport modes, Aku’s Wrath (which permits permadeath) and One Cut (all enemies and Jack are defeated after one hit)
  • Slash Quest! (from Saskatoon-based Noodlecake) — new mini-game and equipment

An Apple Arcade subscription prices $5.99 CAD/month.

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