Tesla Model 3 manufacturing line pauses till early March

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Telsa has paused the Model 3 manufacturing line at its manufacturing facility in California. It’s not clear if that is associated to the worldwide chip scarcity, however all indicators counsel that is the case.

All that’s recognized thus far is that Tesla reportedly instructed workers at its Model 3 manufacturing facility that it will shut down from February twenty second to March seventh.

There is not any clear cause given for the shutdown, however final month Tesla talked about it might expertise a manufacturing pause due to semiconductor shortages, in accordance with Bloomberg.

Ford, GM and VW have all been pressured to droop manufacturing for related chip-related causes, and even Sony claims that PlayStation 5 manufacturing has been affected.

Bloomberg additionally notes that Samsung’s chip manufacturing facility in Texas that doubtless provides chips to Tesla is presently shut down as a result of state’s ongoing excessive climate. This all suggests Tesla paused manufacturing associated to the microchip scarcity, however the automaker has but to touch upon the scenario.

This will affect the Model 3 manufacturing however not cease it utterly as the corporate has one other meeting line in China.

Source: Bloomberg

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