Square Enix reveals Final Fantasy VII battle royale recreation for Android and iOS

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Square Enix has unveiled a brand new recreation known as Final Fantasy VII: The First SOLDIER for Android and iOS.

The First SOLDIER is ready 30 years earlier than the occasions of Final Fantasy VII and is a battle royale recreation, moderately than a role-playing (RPG) title like most Final Fantasy titles.

In The First SOLDIER, you play a SOLDIER, an elite operative for the Shinra Electric Power Company, as you face off towards varied threats. Based on the gameplay footage, evidently gamers will be capable of use totally different swords, fists, weapons and spells to battle, just like the characters in Final Fantasy VII. Characters will also be seen working by traditional Final Fantasy areas, together with the Midgar slums and Aerith’s home.

Overall, the sport appears fairly paying homage to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Square Enix says The First Soldier will launch worldwide someday in 2021. The writer notes that the sport might be free to play with some type of yet-to-be-detailed in-app purchases.

In different Final Fantasy VII information, Square Enix additionally simply unveiled the long-rumoured PS5 model of final yr’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is ready to launch in June, in addition to Ever Crisis, a cellular retelling of the unique Final Fantasy VII.

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