Shaw launches ‘1.5 Gig’ web plans for companies in Western Canada

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Shaw introduced that it’s making its 1.5 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) web plans accessible for companies.

The telecom firm has supplied its ‘Fibre+ Gig’ plans for shoppers in Western Canada for some time now, however the leap to companies ought to assist increase Shaw’s web to extra clients.

In a press launch, Shaw famous that its 1.5 Gig could be accessible to companies by two plans. The first is its ‘SmartWiFi Gig 1.5’ choice, which pairs the high-speed web providing with Shaw’s enterprise Wi-Fi {hardware}. The different choice is the standalone ‘Business Internet Gig 1.5.’

Shaw says the brand new plans are nice for companies that use a number of linked units, corresponding to having a number of staff with laptops doing HD video calls. On high of that, Shaw stated the obtain speeds are nice for patrons that ceaselessly obtain and add recordsdata to cloud storage.

The new enterprise plans leverage Shaw’s present Fibre+ community. Further, Shaw says that companies can bundle the SensibleWiFi resolution with different Shaw Business choices, like ‘SmartSecurity’ and ‘SmartSurveillance.’

“Over the past year, businesses have increased their demand for access to fast and reliable internet connections. Today, as many organizations start planning for a future that balances employees working from home with a return to physical offices, we know their need for faster speeds and more bandwidth will be greater than ever before,” stated Katherine Emberly, president of enterprise at Shaw.

Shaw additionally used its press launch to tout the advantages of its Fibre+ web over its primary competitor, Telus. However, it’s value noting that Telus sued Shaw over the Fibre+ web ads final June, calling them deceptive.

Shaw’s enterprise web plans and companies are accessible on the corporate’s web site.

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