PUBG: New State provides futuristic warfare to the sport’s components

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The subsequent model of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) to hit iOS and Android known as PUBG: New State.

Like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4, New State shifts the collection’ period ahead to the close to future. In comparability, the present model of PUBG is ready roughly in the course of the trendy period.

PUBG: New State’s new map, Troi, options a number of near-future weapons and automobiles, together with drones and fight shields. The recreation can be set to supply extra background on the PUBG universe — although it’s unclear exactly what meaning.

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Other new options embrace in-game weapon customization choices that sound similar to how gamers modify their weapons in different battle royale titles like Apex Legends. If PUBG: New State’s reveal trailer is an correct indication, the sport can even function spectacular visuals, particularly for a cell recreation.

It’s additionally price noting that New State is being developed by PUBG Studio, the creator of the unique PUBG on PC and console. PUBG Mobile, then again, was developed by China-based gaming large, Tencent.

PUBG: New State is ready to launch on iOS and Android later in 2021, with alpha exams launching later this 12 months too.

Source: PUBG Studio

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