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Ikea’s Enby Bluetooth audio system are 45 % off

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If you’ve had your eye on Ikea’s Enby Bluetooth audio system, now is perhaps the time to purchase a number of as elements of the gathering are on sale.

There are three completely different Enby audio system discounted, together with the 2 major sq. fashions and a smaller cylinder mannequin designed to be constructed into furnishings.

The eight-inch mannequin is right down to $32 from $60, and the 12-inch is now $52 as an alternative of $99.

The smaller built-in unit prices $18 as an alternative of its standard worth of $34.99.

The cool factor concerning the dice audio system is which you can purchase alternate stands and equipment to combine them into your property in numerous methods.

You may even get a detachable battery pack to make them moveable.

Source: Ikea

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