Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis introduced, gives cellular retelling of unique recreation and spin-offs

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Square Enix has revealed a brand new Final Fantasy VII cellular recreation known as Ever Crisis, which gives a re-telling of the unique Final Fantasy VII and its Compilation.

The recreation can have an episodic rollout construction, so it seemingly will solely cowl main occasions from these video games. The announcement trailer showcases Cloud and Barret’s bombing mission, which was the introduction to Final Fantasy VII, in addition to a tease of the ovpening mission of the prequel recreation Crisis Core, starring Cloud’s buddy Zack.

The Compilation consists of a number of different titles, together with Dirge of Cerberus (a PS2 shooter) and Advent Children (an animated film), so plainly these can be coated in Ever Crisis in some kind as properly.

In phrases of visuals, Ever Crisis mixes cartoonish-style character fashions in cutscenes and exploration and higher-definition Final Fantasy VII Remake-style graphics when in fight. Gameplay-wise, Ever Crisis appears to sport conventional turn-based fight which are optimised for touchscreen controls.

Overall, the sport appears very paying homage to Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a cellular and Switch recreation that retold key moments from Final Fantasy XV in an episodic format.

Square Enix says Ever Crisis will launch worldwide someday in 2022. The writer says the sport can be free to play with some type of yet-to-be-detailed in-app purchases.

Alongside Ever Crisis, the writer has additionally unveiled a Final Fantasy VII battle royale recreation known as The First Soldier (releasing someday later this 12 months) and an enhanced model of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5 (coming June tenth).

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