WebOS is coming to third-party TVs says LG

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WebOS will quickly begin showing on extra TVs as LG says it’s going to now license the good TV working system (OS) to different producers.

To begin, RCA, Ayonz and Konka (I’ve by no means heard of the final two firms) will use WebOS as their good TV working system. It’s seemingly that extra manufacturers will begin utilizing the interface sooner or later as nicely.

This is nice information for LG, however I anticipate to see WebOS apply to make its option to extra TVs in Asia than North America, the place Android TV, Fire TV and Roku appear to be the OS of voice for many lower-end TV makers.

The TVs will launch with WebOS 5.0, which is the most recent construct of LG’s software program. It’s unclear if these third-party TVs can even make the most of a movement distant like LG’s televisions, however lots can be misplaced from the bizarre but intuitive interface in the event that they don’t.

That mentioned, LG is planning to overtake the look of WebOS within the 6.0 replace. Hopefully, this replace rolls out to its companions to allow them to benefit from the extra traditional-looking interface.

Source: Engadget

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