Twitter re-launches check characteristic to revise probably dangerous tweets

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Twitter is re-launching a check characteristic that permits customers to assume earlier than they tweet.

According to Twitter, if a tweet is probably dangerous or offensive, it will likely be flagged with a message that reads: “Want to review this before Tweeting?” Three choices will seem: proceed and tweet anyway, edit or delete it totally.

Twitter beforehand examined this characteristic in May and August 2020 on Android, iOS and desktop. However, this re-launch of the check now will solely seem on iOS.

Initially, when Twitter introduced the check run, it was capable of finding dangerous language primarily based on the language that had beforehand been reported.

Twitter has skilled success with comparable options. For instance, the social media platform examined a characteristic in June that inspired customers to learn hyperlinks in tweets earlier than retweeting. According to Twitter, 40 % extra customers opened the hyperlink connected to the tweet in comparison with when the immediate wasn’t current.

Unlike different social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Twitter has traditionally been sluggish to flag offensive content material.

Source: TechCrunch, Twitter

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