Ontario launching on-line COVID-19 vaccine reserving portal on March 15

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The authorities of Ontario is launching an internet vaccine reserving portal on March fifteenth, the province’s vaccine process drive has introduced.

Retired General Rick Hillier instructed the media at a press convention on February twenty fourth that residents who’re 80 years of age and above will be capable to ebook vaccine appointments first.

Hillier acknowledged that well being authorities are working to furiously check the portal. It’s price noting {that a} phone reserving system shall be launching alongside the web system.

“When we go live on March 15th with the online reservation system and the call centre, unless you’re 80 years old or acting to get a reservation for someone 80 years old or more, please do not go online, you will not be permitted to go through the system if you are not in that age bracket,” Hillier acknowledged.

The authorities has supplied a proposed timeline for when residents in Ontario can begin accessing the web reserving system:

  • Ages 80 and above: March fifteenth
  • Ages 75 and above: April fifteenth
  • Ages 70 and above: May 1st
  • Ages 65 and above: June 1st

The proposed schedule shall be in place so long as the availability of vaccines stays regular. It’s additionally price noting that though the reserving system is predicted to open for eligible folks throughout these home windows, it should doubtless take a while to get an appointment reserved.

Ontario is behind different provinces in launching the web reserving system, as residents in Alberta and Quebec will be capable to begin reserving appointments within the coming days.

Image credit score: Flickr (Mark Burr)

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