Spotify not planning to take away Google Assistant Cast assist from free accounts

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If you’re a Spotify ‘Free’ tier subscriber that makes use of a Google Assistant-powered good speaker or show, you’ll be glad to know that the music streaming service isn’t really eradicating Cast assist.

Earlier immediately, Spotify quietly eliminated the power to Cast audio from a Free Spotify account to Google Assistant good audio system and good shows, in accordance with 9to5Google. At the time, for those who tried to solid, you’d be handled with a “premium only” notification that seems beneath the gadget you’re making an attempt to play music or a podcast from.

In an announcement to The Verge’s Chris Welch, Spotify confirmed that this concern was a bug and that it ought to now be resolved. Further, the tech big said that “There are no plans of removing Spotify Free support on Google Assistant.”

For these with Amazon Echo good audio system,  MobileSyrup additionally confirmed that it’s presently nonetheless attainable to play music from a Free Spotify account.

Spotify didn’t formally announce the change. This shift would have meant that to Cast music to an Assistant speaker from Spotify, you’d want a $9.99 ‘Individual,’ $12.99 ‘Duo,’ or $15.99 ‘Family’ plan.

Spotify just lately introduced plans to launch a HiFi subscription tier and several other podcast-focused options, together with the power to robotically flip content material written in WordPress right into a podcast on the platform.

Source: 9to5Google

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