Samsung’s new digital camera sensor makes use of diagonally-split pixels to enhance autofocus

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Samsung introduced a brand new smartphone digital camera sensor boasting sooner and extra correct autofocus because of a function referred to as ‘Dual Pixel Pro.’

Samsung’s new ISOCELL GN2 sensor makes use of Dual Pixel phase-detect know-how to separate every sensor pixel into two photodiodes. This permits the sensor to focus sooner by evaluating delicate variations within the mild detected by every diode. Further, this sort of autofocus makes use of each pixel within the sensor, which helps enhance pace and sensor efficiency in comparison with different autofocus strategies that solely use some pixels for autofocus (and people pixels can’t detect color).

However, what units the brand new GN2 sensor aside is that Samsung break up a few of the pixels diagonally as a substitute of horizontally. The South Korean tech big says this method permits the sensor to check mild coming in from the highest and backside in addition to from the left and proper. In some circumstances, this might assist the sensor focus sooner than earlier than, resembling when turning the digital camera sideways.

GN2 additionally options tech Samsung calls ‘staggered HDR.’ Staggered HDR can enhance the GN2’s dynamic vary when taking pictures in mixed-light environments, resembling a sundown or a photograph taken indoors with mild coming by a window.

Staggered HDR makes use of a rolling shutter to seize a number of frames briefly, center and lengthy exposures. Although it could end in customers want to carry the digital camera nonetheless for longer, it ought to enhance mixed-light efficiency. Plus, Samsung says the staggered HDR mode makes use of 24 % much less power than Samsung’s real-time HDR mode.

Samsung’s GN2 sensor additionally has ‘Smart ISO Pro,’ which successfully makes use of a number of ISO settings per shot to cut back movement artifacts. Samsung says it could assist enhance night time pictures as nicely.

Finally, Samsung says the GN2 sensor can produce 100-megapixel pictures utilizing an clever re-mosaic algorithm. The course of creates three particular person layers of 50-megapixel frames in inexperienced, crimson and blue. Then, it upscales and merges the frames to provide a single 100-megapixel picture.

Samsung says it’s already mass-producing the ISOCELL GN2 sensor. That means it’ll possible begin displaying up in telephones quickly — even perhaps in a Galaxy Note, or if Samsung kills that line, subsequent 12 months’s Galaxy S22.

Source: Samsung Via: Engadget

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