Google says it gained’t change Fitbit Premium subscription prices

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Google is not going to change Fitbit Premium’s subscription price and notes it can nonetheless proceed to guard customers’ health information.

Recent experiences instructed the tech big deliberate to introduce new subscription tiers to permit it to monetize customers’ historic health information. Customers have been emailed a survey about Google’s attainable cheaper subscription plans for Fitbit customers who need a easier expertise, which hinted on the new premium subscription plans.

However, Fitbit customers have been involved concerning the least expensive subscription plan that features the historic health information, which is at the moment supplied totally free.

The growth of Fitbit Premium subscriptions would have adopted the tech big’s dedication to not use shopper information for promoting.

Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice-president of gadgets and providers acknowledged in a current weblog submit that the corporate’s aim is to guard Fitbit consumer privateness because it cares concerning the wearable maker’s gadgets and never the health information it collects.

According to the assertion from Fitbit, the corporate doesn’t have any plans to announce modifications to Premium subscriptions.

Source: TechRadar

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