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Costco promoting $50 Apple App Store present playing cards for $43

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Whether you lease plenty of motion pictures on iTunes or wish to capitalize on deal, Costco Canada is promoting Apple on-line present playing cards for a decreased fee.

These playing cards can be utilized on iTunes, the App Store, and different digital gadgets offered via Apple. You can’t use these playing cards to purchase bodily items on the Apple Store.

That stated, you’ll be able to nonetheless lease motion pictures, purchase apps, improve your iCloud storage, and extra with these playing cards. When you order one, the code will probably be delivered to your electronic mail so you’ll be able to spend it with out ready for an precise card to be shipped to your own home.

The costs are as follows:

The deal is operating till February twenty eighth, and there’s a restrict of two per Costco Member.

To store at Costco you could be a member, which prices $60 per 12 months for the base-level membership.

Source: Costco Canada

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