Disney on why Nomadland is coming to Disney+’s Star in Canada two months after the U.S.

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Fox Searchlight’s Nomadland is certainly one of 2020’s most acclaimed movies and has garnered quite a few accolades, together with the People’s Choice Award at TIFF.

In reality, the movies that take house TIFF’s prime honour have, traditionally, been recognized to win Best Picture on the Oscars. In addition to all this award buzz, the movie is written and directed by Chloé Zhao, who additionally helmed Marvel’s upcoming Eternals movie, making it noteworthy amongst comedian followers as properly.

However, whereas Nomadland finally launched on Hulu within the U.S. on February nineteenth, it’s not set to reach in Canada till April ninth through Disney+’s Star, the worldwide model of Hulu. A theatrical rollout within the Greater Toronto Area will start on March nineteenth wherever cinemas are open.

In a latest interview with MobileSyrup, Greg Mason, Walt Disney Studios Canada vp of promoting, defined that this launch construction — which is able to see the movie turn into out there for almost all of Canadians practically two months after the U.S. — isn’t indicative of a bigger pattern of Star getting content material later than Hulu.

“The challenge has really just been COVID times and finding a way to get it out. And so, as you can imagine, yes, the U.S. has it on Hulu as of Friday [February 19th], but we did not have Star as of Friday,” mentioned Mason. “And we can’t put Nomadland on Disney+ without proper parental controls and all of those features. And as you can also imagine, loading thousands of episodes and movies is a process and, you know, takes some brilliant programmers who are a lot smarter than I am to put it all together.”

Mason went on to say that Disney simply “wanted to give Nomadland a chance at a theatrical release,” though he famous that “not all places will be open” come mid-March/early April amid the pandemic. This is why the movie is getting a Disney+ Star launch, he says.

However, he pressured that Canadians getting Nomadland later than the U.S. was extra of an remoted state of affairs, not the norm.

“I really wouldn’t read into the timing. It’s not that Canada is getting it delayed — it was really just about the strategy for that specific film,” mentioned Mason. “For the Searchlight executives, Toronto and the Canadian market is so important to them for Nomadland — they really wanted to ensure we get the best possible release.”

Our full interview with Mason may be discovered right here.

Image credit score: Fox Searchlight

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