What do you wish to see in Android 12?

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Google just lately launched the primary construct of its Android 12 Developer Preview.

The preview is aimed toward builders and requires customers to flash their handset, so a lot of you studying this are in all probability nonetheless residing in an Android 11 world.

In phrases of latest options, the Android 12 Developer Preview makes it simpler to repeat/paste photos and movies. There’s additionally an improve to haptics that makes the characteristic work with audio. This ought to enhance the gaming expertise and presents enhanced vibration.

The Android 12 Developer Preview additionally permits Pixel 5 customers to lastly cover the smartphone’s front-facing digicam and features a new notification fashion for conversations in several apps.

This is simply the first developer preview, and Google could have a number of extra coming in addition to beta releases. The closing model of Android 12 will doubtless launch in August or September.

With all this in thoughts, what characteristic do you wish to see in Android 12?

Let us know within the feedback under.

What do you think?

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