Amazon reportedly growing Alexa-powered sleep apnea monitoring gadget

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Amazon is reportedly growing a brand new Alexa-powered gadget that may examine for indicators of sleep apnea, in keeping with Business Insider.

This palm-sized Alexa product would sit on a bedside desk and use a millimetre-wave radar to sense your respiratory and monitor and observe any interruptions which can be associated to sleep apnea.

Reportedly, Amazon’s undertaking has the codename “Brahams” (based mostly on Johannes Brahams, the German composer of “Lullaby”) and was constructed inside the previous 12 months by an inner Amazon workforce. Business Insider notes that the gadget seems to be like “a standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base.” The leak additionally signifies that Amazon could be utilizing machine studying and cloud expertise to know different kinds of sleeping issues past sleep apnea.

The Verge contacted Amazon concerning the hearsay, however the American tech large mentioned that it doesn’t touch upon rumours and hypothesis.

This is a cool thought and as somebody who might need sleep apnea, I’m all about it. And contemplating Amazon’s present enterprise into well being tech with its Halo health tracker and U.S. Pharmacy providers, a sleep apnea gadget doesn’t appear too far off.

Source: Business Insider Via: The Verge

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