Quibi reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to promote its reveals to Roku

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Quibi is reportedly in talks to promote its content material catalogue to Roku following the short-form streaming app’s resolution to close down operations final 12 months.

The Wall Street Journal experiences that beneath the potential deal between the 2 firms, Roku would purchase the rights to Quibi’s library for an quantity that’s presently unknown. The report notes that it’s additionally potential that the deal may fall via earlier than it’s finalized.

Roku’s widespread units permit customers to stream companies like Netflix and private content material libraries, however doesn’t have its personal unique content material. If it had been to accumulate Quibi’s content material, the corporate would have its personal slate of unique content material that might lure extra prospects.

Quibi’s reveals embrace episodes which might be lower than 10 minutes lengthy and its content material options a number of stars together with Anna Kendrick, Kristen Bell, Liam Hemsworth and Sophie Turner.

The platform launched in April 2020 and by no means appeared to realize traction, after which the corporate mentioned it was shutting down operations in October. Quibi executives blamed the service’s woes on the continued COVID-10 pandemic.

In Canada, the corporate provided two subscriptions at launch: an everyday $6.99 monthly subscription and a $9.99 monthly ad-free subscription.

It’ll be attention-grabbing to see if Quibi’s content material will be capable of discover a new residence at Roku, and if it should search different patrons if this deal falls via.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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