Google video reveals the way to fold your personal origami Android brand

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If you’re a fan of origami and Android, Google simply dropped a ‘fold-along’ video that teaches you the way to make a paper Android brand.

The over 11-minute tutorial takes you thru the steps of folding an Android mascot. The finish end result appears fairly near the present Android brand. It’s value noting the steps are fairly intricate, so should you’re new to origami, it’s possible you’ll need to begin with a barely simpler fold.

If video isn’t your factor, there may be additionally a PDF showcasing all 30 steps to fold your personal Android mascot. The PDF incorporates a legend describing the several types of folds used on this craft.

If you’re on the lookout for a brief craft to waste a while whereas locked down in 2021, this may very well be an amazing choice for you.

You can seize the PDF directions right here, or take a look at the video right here.

Source: 9to5Google

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