Tesla Model S with refreshed design reportedly noticed in Palo Alto

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A refreshed Tesla Model S with a brand new design has reportedly been noticed driving round Palo Alto in California.

YouTube channel ‘The Kilowatts’ has posted a video of the automobile, which was seen close to Tesla’s headquarters. The refreshed Model S appears to be like to have a wider physique with a extra outstanding fender. Tesla additionally appears to have added up to date wheels, new headlights and an up to date rear diffuser.

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It’s presently unknown if there are any inside modifications, however it’s possible. It’s value noting that the automobile that was noticed has producer plates, which implies that the design couldn’t be achieved via third-party modifications and is actually an precise prototype.

However, it’s unknown whether or not this automobile is a prototype of a refreshed model of the Model S or if it’s truly only a new prototype of the upcoming Model S Plaid.

Even if there aren’t many practical modifications to the automotive, it may nonetheless be an essential change. This comes as Tesla introduced that it delivered simply shy of 500,000 automobiles in 2020. Although that is spectacular, it’s value noting that Tesla’s This fall 2020 was solely barely higher than its This fall 2019.

If Tesla desires to prime its document from final yr, it’ll should discover a method to increase gross sales of its higher-end EVs, such because the Model S and a refresh may positively assist with that objective.

Source: The Kilowatts Via: Electrek 

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