Tesla delivered simply shy of 500,000 automobiles in 2020

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Tesla’s This autumn 2020 quarterly deliveries resulted in a formidable quarter for the automaker whereas boosting its yearly deliveries to 499,550.

Tesla’s This autumn 2020 was solely marginally higher than its 2019 This autumn, however 2020 general noticed large enhancements over 2019. The firm got here simply shy of Elon Musk’s objective of promoting 500,000 Tesla’s in 2020, however I believe that it’s in all probability shut sufficient to nonetheless be thrilling.

In 2020 Tesla constructed a complete of 54,805 Model S/X autos and delivered 57,039 of them. In phrases of the Model 3 and the Model Y, the automotive tech firm constructed 454,932 of them and delivered 442,511. This means the corporate delivered a complete of 499,550 autos all through 2020. That’s a major bounce in comparison with the earlier yr’s 367,500 deliveries.

Looking at simply This autumn 2020, Tesla delivered 18,920 Model S/X automobiles and 161,650 Model 3/Y varients.

Beyond that, the corporate plans to share extra in its full 2020 earnings report that ought to come out later this month if previous experiences are something to go off of.

Source: Tesla 

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