OnePlus to launch funds health band in early 2021: report

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OnePlus is reportedly set to launch a budget-oriented health wearable dubbed the ‘OnePlus Band’ within the first quarter of 2021.

Android Central reviews that insider sources declare the Band would be the firm’s first wearable, retail for round $40 USD (about $51 CAD) and is designed to compete with different funds wearables akin to Xiaomi’s Mi Band collection. The OnePlus Band is predicted to reach earlier than the corporate’s long-rumoured smartwatch.

The OnePlus Band will reportedly debut in India earlier than coming to different markets at a later date. It’s unclear if Canada might be included. If OnePlus takes the same method to Band because it did with the Nord line, I’d say we probably gained’t see the OnePlus Band launch in Canada. Further, the Band will probably launch a couple of weeks earlier than the OnePlus 9 collection, which in all probability means we’ll see the Band in January or early February.

Android Central says the OnePlus Band might be much like the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, providing water resistance, an AMOLED display screen and multi-day battery life.

While some OnePlus followers could not like the choice to launch in India first, it makes a variety of sense for OnePlus. According to Android Central, India contributes to over a 3rd of the corporate’s international cellphone gross sales, and it already sells TVs in India. The nation already acts as a test-bed of kinds for brand new OnePlus merchandise — the Band will probably match proper in.

Source: Android Central

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