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Freedom prospects who swap to Fido can get a $45/20GB plan

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Rogers’ flanker model Fido is working a promotion to encourage Freedom Mobile prospects to modify. The promotion affords 20GB of knowledge for $45 monthly.

Of course, there are some things to pay attention to earlier than making the leap. Fido’s promotional $45/20GB plan is definitely a $55/12GB plan, but it surely comes with a bonus 8GB of knowledge and a $10 monthly low cost for the primary 10 months.

It’s price noting that the $10 for 10 months low cost is a normal supply from Fido and never tied to the Freedom promotion. In different phrases, anybody switching to Fido can get the $10 low cost for a restricted time, whereas Freedom prospects making the swap additionally get the bonus 8GB of knowledge.

Fido’s web site notes that the web supply is accessible for any Fido plan that prices $55 monthly or extra. That means you may get any of the next plans with a bonus 8GB of knowledge and a $10 low cost for 10 months:

  • $55/12GB ($45/20GB with promo)
  • $60/16GB ($50/24GB with promo)
  • $75/20GB ($65/28GB with promo)

Additionally, the Fido web site says that the low cost and the extra information will seem on prospects’ second or third bill.

If you’re a Freedom Mobile buyer and fascinated by making a swap, this Fido promotion is unquestionably a good way to get a variety of information for not some huge cash. Granted, the value you pay goes up by $10 after 10 months, however $55 for 20GB continues to be a wonderful deal.

You can study extra concerning the deal right here.

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