Global app spending topped $400 million on Christmas: report

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Android and iOS customers worldwide spent $407 million USD (about $519.6 million CAD) on Christmas Day, based on app analytics agency Sensor Tower.

The agency notes that this represents a 34.5 p.c year-over-year progress from December twenty fifth, 2019. The majority of the vacation spending was on cell video games, which elevated by 27 p.c from Christmas 2019 to $295.6 million USD (about $377 million CAD).

Outside of video games, leisure apps continued to be the highest-earning income on each the App Store and Google Play. TikTook was the highest non-gaming app when it comes to client spending, producing $4.7 million USD (about $6 million CAD) on Christmas.

Breaking it down additional, Sensor Tower reviews that the App Store accounted for 68.4 p.c of complete Christmas spending (up 35.2 p.c year-over-year), with Google Play bringing in the remainder.

To put the Christmas spending figures into context, although, December twenty fifth app retailer income nonetheless solely accounted for simply 4.5 p.c of December’s complete spending, which has up to now hit about $9 billion USD (about $11.5 billion CAD) globally.

Collectively, Sensor Tower notes that the App Store and Play Store have generated greater than $100 billion USD (about $127.6 billion CAD) in 2020 up to now.

Source: Sensor Tower

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