Apple has eliminated an app that promoted unsafe events throughout COVID

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Apple has delisted a U.S. app from its App Store that was selling unsafe events amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app in query was known as Vybe Together, which allowed individuals to arrange and attend “underground parties.” On its since-deleted web site and TikTok account, the app was promoted with the tagline “Get your rebel on. Get your party on.”

Speaking to The Verge, one of many Vybe Together’s co-founders stated it solely had a couple of thousand customers, with a further few thousand candidates having requested entry. Further, the corporate claimed that it solely promoted “small gatherings” moderately than “big parties” with individuals in parks or flats.

The app required customers to submit their Instagram deal with and add photos of them partying, seemingly VybeTogether’s effort to make sure that its customers would preserve their events non-public.

While it’s unclear precisely how “small” these gatherings would have been, it’s essential to emphasize that even just some individuals from totally different households can nonetheless unfold the virus, as per the U.S.’ personal CDC. This is why many locations like Ontario prohibit indoor events whereas solely allowing a small outside gathering. Further, Vybe Together’s “get your rebel on” tagline clearly means that the corporate knew full effectively it was as much as

Because the app is not out there, it’s unclear whether or not there have been ever any Vybe Together events hosted in Canada. The Verge notes that there have been listings in New York City, amongst different U.S. locations.

That stated, it’s good to see Apple taking motion towards such an app, and presumably, it is going to achieve this with another party-hosting apps that spring up in Canada as effectively.

Source: The Verge

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