Toronto Smartphone movie pageant returns in 2021

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The Toronto Smartphone Film Festival is operating in 2021 with the brand new title ‘“TSFF 2021 Reimagined.”

The present goes to begin taking submissions on January 1st by means of the web site Film Freeway. Most of the present’s guidelines and pointers might be discovered there as effectively for anybody excited by taking part.

The Toronto Smartphone Film Festival is Canada’s largest smartphone-based movie pageant and has been operating for 9 years. The present was delayed earlier in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you submit your movie earlier than January seventeenth, there isn’t a price. If you ship in your movie between January 18th to April 4th, it’s possible you’ll incur a $10-$20 price, relying on how late within the 12 months your submission is.

So far, there’s no information concerning how the corporate plans to run the pageant or if it is going to be on-line or not. MobileSyrup has reached out for extra info.

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